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  Tired of slow dial-up or satellite Internet?
Can't get DSL or cable modem service?

Get Broadband Indiana wireless high speed Internet and surf the web at speeds up to 100 x's faster than dial-up!

Broadband Indiana is a locally owned and operated wireless Internet service provider (WISP) serving Morgan County Indiana. We focus on providing broadband Internet access to rural areas where cable modem and DSL service is not available.

Cut The Cables - With Broadband Indiana you don't tie up a phone line to connect to the Internet. In fact, you don't even need phone, cable TV or cellular service at all! Our service uses land-based antennas and towers to provide a wireless high speed Internet connection to your house.

Faster Than Satellite and 3G/4G - Broadband Indiana is much faster and more reliable than satellite Internet and 3G/4G cellular broadband that can be affected by weather or bad cellular coverage areas.

Superior Technology That's Reliable & Secure - Broadband Indiana uses Motorola Canopy wireless equipment. The Canopy platform is superior to other types of fixed wireless equipment. It has built-in GPS timing to reduce interference between towers and ensure high speeds. The Canopy access points on our towers keep track of how many times a subscriber has lost their connection to the tower. This gives us a running history of how well subscribers are connecting to our towers so we know of a problem before the customer does. And unlike standard 802.11 WiFi equipment that can be hacked with common programs, Canopy is a proprietary technology. This is why government agencies and businesses choose Canopy for their wireless links.

Excellent Technical Support - The same people that own and operate the business can also provide over-the-phone and optional in-home or office technical support. Should there be an outage we do everything we can to quickly restore service.

Good Value - Our basic service is about the same price as cable or DSL and $20.00 less per month than satellite Internet or 3G/4G cellular broadband.

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